Occasionally those who view The Child King drop a line to say how much they've enjoyed the movie. A sampling of those comments, along with some reviews of the film, are posted here. If you have feedback to offer-- good, bad or indifferent-- we'd love to hear from you. CLICK HERE

"The Child King is one of those movies that warms your heart while making you giggle. Entertaining and inspiring, it's a movie you'll want to watch every year during the Christmas season."

"A heartwarming holiday movie that shines a light on the gifts and talents of individuals with intellectual disabilities." -- Best Buddies International

"My heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to this wonderful story."

"The Child King is an inspirational and adventurous tale that shows us those with intellectual disabilities are not to be underestimated, but rather looked to as examples of how to love unconditionally and transcend the stereotypes in our society." -- Special Olympics International

"I see it as becoming a holiday classic in our home." -- WanderingRose,

"The sweet, heartwarming, and original film, The Child King, would make a wonderful addition to any family's holiday movie collection--especially family's that include individuals with disabilities." -- Laura Apel, The Exceptional Parent

"A new holiday classic… The Child King touches the heart and makes you believe that dreams do come true." -- Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles

" I laughed and my daughter cried. I admit I may be somewhat prejudiced about this movie since I have a daughter with Down syndrome. However, I think this is good movie and I hope you will give it a chance... you will not only be receiving a great Christmas movie to watch with your family, you will also be supporting a wonderful cause." -- Debbie,

"A Magical Wonderful Movie. I watched this movie with my wife and three kids (ages 14, 12, & 8). We all enjoyed it tremendously, and I highly recommend it as a great addition to any family's holiday movie collection. One of the great things about it, is that while Jeremy has Down Syndrome, his disability is not a central part of the film at all, and is only alluded to a couple of times. Instead the movie is simply about one brother's love for another. Also, like any good fantasy film, there are parts that are clearly ambiguous and not fully-explained and left to the viewer's imagination and interpretation. Despite the fact that the movie was made on a low budget, you'd generally never know it. This is a far superior to most of the big budget "family entertainment" at your local megaplex." 5 Stars. -- David Hoff, Boston, MA,

"The Child King… the film you can't say no to." -- Boston Magazine

"I have a ton of parents from my groups who have seen your film and have praised it. Some have said that this will be a movie that will start a tradition in their homes as their yearly holiday movie."

"I was very impressed with the message of this wonderful DVD. We watched it together as a family and extended family on Christmas night and it will be a holiday tradition!!!" -- J.A.

"Peter Johnson, in his first acting role-is a revelation. He brings a natural openness, vulnerability, and warmth to this heartfelt project!" -- Joyce Kulhawik, CBS Television

"I wasn't expecting a lot from the movie, The Child King. I knew it was made on a shoestring budget, and the only known actor (Lenny Clarke) had only a cameo. But alas, like Christmas magic, the film quickly grabbed me and my two 6 year old twins and didn't let go until the very end. The story was funny, heartwarming, and yes, even inspirational. The older brother in the film, who has Downs syndrome, was spectacular… I recommend this movie to everyone." -- Don Cameron, Tallahasee, FL

"The Child King is a holiday tale filled with life lessons and life experiences all of us will value." -- Exceptional Parent Magazine

"This movie brings inclusion for people with disabilities into mainstream society in a way that few other things can. Thank you!"

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